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As a licensed financial service provider in Hong Kong, BSL has been an active player in HK capital market for 20 years and has provided quality services to many enterprises, institutions and individuals, and has built up strong relationships with our clients and rich experience and resources on various aspects, and has established good relations with governmental bodies, financial institutions and listed companies and high net worth individuals.

Professional team

Professional team composed of domestic and foreign elite partners with many years of experience, familiar with cross-border financial businesses, with strong capital market resources, experience in resources integration capabilities and product innovation and development capabilities.

Focus on Fintech

BSL continues to invest in Fintech. With the application of next-generation information technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., BSL would continue to improve the technology of its system so as to keep our technology up-to-date and reducing cost with better risk control.

Innovative products and services

Look for high-quality global investment products and services for global asset allocation and bridging the customers of mainland China with other countries in the world. BSL would continue to introduce innovative products and services to our clients so as to meet the rapid change of global markets.

BSL is committed to tailoring comprehensive solutions for wealth management and asset allocation of our customers.



Regulated license entity

Governed by the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission

 CE Number: AEF425

Asset custody

Clients’ money are maintained with trust account in licensed banks independently and monitored by the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission

Client's stocks assets are escrowed in the Central Clearing and Settlement System by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

Investor Guarantee

The Hong Kong Investor Compensation Fund provides compensation protection for up to HK$500,000 per investor

Data protection

Well-protected customer personal information and 7 days x 24 hours Independent cloud network services

Hong Kong's leading financial service provider

Our business goal is to become a leading financial service provider in Hong Kong.

To achieve this goal, we plan to adopt the following business strategies:


Comprehensively accelerate the development of five business segments: brokerage business, investment banking business, asset management business, proprietary investment business and overseas business.


Integrate the synergy capabilities of various business sectors, improve scale effect and customer comprehensive service capabilities, and provide strong support for business development.


Strengthen our underwriting and placing business to seize the opportunities brought about by the sustainable growth of the Hong Kong stock market.


Develop the China Connect business by applying to the Hong Kong Exchange for registration as a China Connect trading participant.


Further enhance our information technology capabilities, risk management and internal control, including the development and enhancement of online trading systems, big data and artificial intelligence applications.

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