What is proof of address?

What is proof of address?

What is proof of address?

When the user applies to Eastcom Securities for mailing paper bills, etc., if the ID of the account opening account is not consistent with the current residential address, the client needs to provide proof of residential address. Users who open accounts with non-resident resident ID cards in China also need to provide proof of address.

The letter of proof of address must contain 3 items of information:

1. Name with the same name as the account opening certificate;

2. Current residential address;

3. Dates within three months

The proof can be caused by:

1) Bills issued by public utility organizations: water, electricity, gas bills, mobile phone bills, TV bills, broadband bills, etc.;

2) Letters issued by financial institutions (banks, securities companies, insurance companies): credit card bills, monthly statements, etc.;

3) Bills issued by the government or authorized institutions, etc.

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