The process of wire transfer to a gold account with a mainland bank card

The process of wire transfer to a gold account with a mainland bank card

There are four steps that a client holding a mainland bank card to deposit funds:

1) Get sub-account information

2) Purchase of foreign exchange: Customers first need to purchase foreign exchange at the bank, and purchase the foreign exchange of the RMB held in the mainland bank card into Hong Kong dollars or US dollars before they can be remitted. At present, most banks in the Mainland support mobile banking to purchase foreign exchange;

3) Cross-border remittance (telegraphic transfer): At present, most banks in the Mainland support mobile banking cross-border wire transfer;

4) Upload successful remittance certificate

Among them, 1, 4 operate in the Eastcom Securities App, and 2, 3 operate through the customer's bank.

1). Obtain sub-account information

Log in to the Eastcom Securities App trading page:

Deposit-funds in the mainland (existing Hong Kong dollars or US dollars)-deposit in Hong Kong dollars / US dollars-free access to the collection account

For details, please refer to (How to obtain a sub-account?)

2). Foreign exchange purchase

Most banks support the purchase of foreign exchange through the Mobile Banking App. The fastest way is to search for the keywords such as "Buy Foreign Exchange", "Foreign Exchange Purchase", "Settlement and Sale of Foreign Exchange" directly in the search bar of the bank's online banking or mobile banking App to enter the relevant function page .


Investing in Hong Kong stocks to buy Hong Kong dollars, investing in U.S. stocks to buy U.S. dollars, the bank generally does not charge a handling fee when buying foreign exchange;

The information required for different uses of funds is different. Please fill in the purpose of foreign exchange purchase according to your own situation.

Each person in the Mainland has a maximum foreign currency purchase limit of approximately US$50,000 per year (about HK$380,000). When purchasing foreign exchange, you can generally check the remaining foreign exchange purchase quota.

When buying foreign exchange through online banking or at the counter, you have two options: a remittance account (cash exchange) and a banknote account (cash note). Please choose a cash exchange, because the banknote account cannot be used for direct remittances, only cash withdrawal.

If you choose a bank account, the bank will also need to charge a bank transfer fee for remittance; otherwise, the bank account can be remitted or withdrawn.

3). Cross-border remittance (telegraphic transfer)

Most banks already support mobile banking App cross-border remittances, you can directly search for keywords such as "cross-border remittance" and "overseas remittance" in the search bar to enter the relevant function page.


Remittance can only use the bank account under my name, and cannot use other people's bank account to help transfer money.

Please fill in the information of the sender and payee truthfully;

The payee information is the sub-account information, please refer to the sub-account details obtained on the Eastcom Securities App before.

Payee address: Room 1702, Tower 2, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Hong Kong

Beneficiary bank address: G/F, The Centre, 99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Common bank overseas remittance function path:

China Construction Bank: currently does not support mobile app overseas remittance, you can log in online banking operation

China Everbright Bank: Outbound Finance-Western Union

Bank of China App: Remittance-cross-border remittance, or search for "cross-border remittance"

4.) App upload certificate

Open the Dongxin Securities App login trading interface:

Deposit-funds in the mainland (existing Hong Kong dollar or US dollar foreign exchange)-enter the amount of the remittance and upload the voucher-submit


Mainland bank card deposits are not guaranteed to be 100% accounted, and the resulting handling fees are not responsible for Eastcom Securities

The system prompts that "sent out" and "successfully sent out" does not mean that Dongxin Securities has received the money and needs to reserve the time for the bank to process.

In order to ensure that customers can use the Eastcom Securities fund account to conduct transactions in a timely manner, please be sure to open the Eastcom Securities App to upload the remittance success certificate to inform Zunjia after the remittance operation is completed. Only after receiving the customer's remittance notice can the finance track the payment in time, otherwise it will affect The speed of the customer's funds to the account. The voucher can be a screenshot of the successful remittance via Internet Banking or App, or a deposit receipt for counter remittance.

It usually takes 2 to 5 working days for wire transfer of funds from mainland banks. Eastcom Securities will deposit the funds into the customer's funds account immediately after receiving the relevant funds.

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